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Patents & Certificates

Designed to imitate the Illuminated Manuscripts of the Middle Ages, these beautiful Master Mason and Past Master Patents are rich in medieval-styled Masonic symbols and sacred numerology.

These works of art are not just blank certificates; rather, the ornate symbology is delivered in such a unique way that it ensures any Mason who possesses one of these patents will feel that his lodge truly honors him. These 8.5 x 14 Giclée prints are of the upmost highest quality. Each print is individually inspected and signed on the back for authenticity.*

"I firmly believe that the presentation of a Master Mason's patent should be an amazing experience. This is the first time a lodge presents him with something that labels him a Master Mason. If that gift is a cheap photocopy, then the candidate will be immediately presented with something that is ordinary and plain, the exact opposite of what a Mason is charged to become. Let this gift stand out, and let it be a tool to motivate him in his Masonic journey."
-Ryan J. Flynn



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