Ryan J. Flynn

Fine Artist and Graphic Designer

Ryan J. Flynn

Fine Artist & Graphic Designer

Ryan J. Flynn Rs an artist based in Merrimack, New Hampshire who is quickly becoming one of the most well known masonic artists in America. Born in Massachusetts, Ryan was artistic from an early age. In 2004 he attended the University of Massachusetts and studied art and design. In 2006 he lived and studied painting and art history in Florence, Italy.

Since becoming a Freemason in 2010, Ryan has devoted his time and skills to creating work that he feels brings honor to the fraternity. His first Masonic artworks were a pair of faux stained glass windows for the Nashua, NH masonic temple. Since then he has produced original oil paintings for lodges in Arkansas, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts and more. In 2018 Ryan spent 7 months researching and preparing for a series of murals for Blackmer Lodge No 127 in Mt. Gilead, NC. In 2016 he was awarded the honor of being he first American Ambassador to the Association of Masonic Arts (Ambassador for the Grand Lodge of New Hampshire). His artwork has been featured in the Philalethes Journal, Masonic Society Journal, and graced the covers of multiple Masonic books.

Since 2014, Ryan has been traveling around the country speaking at lodges on multiple subjects revolving around the incorporation of the fine arts and Freemasonry.

Ryan is the current Worshipful Master of Ancient York Lodge No.89 in Nashua, NH. He is an honorary member of Sophia Lodge No. 767 in Salisbury, North Carolina, Wilkerson College Lodge No.767 which meats throughout North Carolina, Blackmer Lodge No. 127 in Mt. Gillead, North Carolina and Jenks Lodge No.24 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.