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Patron Testimonials

"Yesterday, my amazing friend, artist, and Brother, Ryan Flynn sent me the #1 of 100, of his Single Framed Codex Series. I cannot tell you how fantastic this work is. Based on the Fellow Craft Lecture, these hand detailed prints are nothing short of stunning! This Brother has many extraordinary things to offer those who appreciate absolute fine Masonic Art. He will be a name that will soon be very well known in our Craft, I assure you."  

Bro. Robert Herd

Editor, Living Stones Magazine


"Ryan designed artwork for a national Masonic event in New Hampshire for me and it absolutely blew everyone away. Incorporating elements of design from ages past, he produced a piece that could have been printed a century ago, but was modern enough to make everyone want one. Our keynote speaker, a world-renowned Masonic heavyweight, even purchased a print to take home with him, which is truly something. Ryan is an amazing artist; he can conceptualize something in no time at all and have a finished product in mind after one discussion. He represents the best in Masonic art and his talent for it is far superior to anything I’ve seen in my time in the Craft."

Bro. Paul C. Smith

Founding Master, Phoenix Lodge No. 105



"In a quest to illuminate the walls of my personal office with objects of particular meaning to me, I have found Brother Ryan’s artwork to be both beautiful and inspiring to behold. The Codex series is a prime illustration of the divine and sacred elegance of the Fellow Craft degree, and veritably of Architecture and Geometry. As a former student of Fine Art and Architecture, and a Mason, I feel a deep connection with this work. I am delighted to display these works and share them with visitors, whom have enjoyed them as much as I have! I’m very much looking forward to further enriching my space with some more of Brother Ryan’s masterful work!

Brother Joseph J. Rella

Saint Andrew's Lodge #56, Portsmouth NH



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