John the Baptist

Oil on Canvas, 24x36in, 2023

This painting by Ryan J. Flynn depicts Saint John the Baptist, one of the patron saints of Freemasonry, of which the artist is a member. Painted over the summer of 2023, this original painting was on display in the Philadelphia Masonic Temple for the fall of 2023 as part of the Masonic Values Art Showcase.

The work depicts John the Baptist as he sees the approaching Jesus, with a look of admiration and awe on his face, he awaits the moment when he will baptize him. John is wearing his traditional camel hair garment, draped with red drapery, symbolic of his eventual martyrdom. Behind him, we see a hint of the River Jordan and the reeds lining its shores.

“This painting is a turning point in how I approach painting the human form, utilizing new techniques and layering styles, I was able to produce realistic skin tones in a way that still presented a clear painterly style. Now the test comes when I try to do the next painting with the same style.”
-Ryan Flynn