Oil on Canvas, 24 x 30in, 2022

This original oil painting depicts a Renaissance-styled portrait of Ruth. Ruth is a significant biblical character whose story is found in the Book that bears her name who exemplifies loyalty, faithfulness, and humility. She appears in the Book of Ruth, one of the shortest books in the Old Testament. Ruth was a Moabite widow who chose to stay with her Israelite mother-in-law, Naomi, after her own husband’s death. She demonstrated unwavering loyalty and devotion to Naomi, refusing to abandon her despite the hardship they faced. Ruth’s story is celebrated for her virtue and kindness. Through a series of events, she eventually marries Boaz and becomes an ancestor of King David.

Her story serves as a powerful testament to the importance of steadfastness and righteousness.

The flowers, gems, and colors used in this painting all symbolize different aspects of her character.

“I set a goal for myself to better my skills at depicting depth and subtle color shifts in human skin when I started this painting. When finished, many people came up to me saying how lifelike the painting looked in real life. When someone says that to you, you know you did something right.”

-Bro. Flynn